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Greens polling 'neck and neck' with Lib Dems

Natalie Bennett Green Party Leader

Greens polling 'neck and neck' with Lib Dems

Party recording best results in 25 years, as leadership slams media for failing to deliver fair levels of recognition


It's official: Green and growth go hand in hand

Major new report counters claims that investing in climate change measures is bad for the economy

A wind turbine under maintenance

UK appeal to clean energy investors hits lowest point for five years

EY report says 'mixed signals, dwindling budgets and political apathy' behind UK's drop to seventh in ranking of 40 leading nations


Dunkin' Donuts pledges to dunk only in sustainable palm oil

Fast-food giant pledges to phase out deforestation in US operations' supply chains by 2016

Food in fridge

White House takes fresh steps to crack down on HFCs

Industry and EPA partnership commits to deliver HFC alternatives

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  • treesforest UK Environmental Scorecard - At a glance
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  • Insulating a roof MPs: Green Deal needs stamp duty discounts to drive home insulation
Toyota solar array

New Climate Economy report: Do you want an iPad or a typewriter?

The landmark report makes it clear that delivering decarbonisation is all about choices. Political and business leaders need to ask what kind of future they want to invest in


Are consumers becoming more aware of environmentally sound business?

Hannah Coles of E4 Environment explains how third party accreditation can help your business avoid the 'greenwash' trap


How Meat Free Monday became Meat Free Many Days

Against all my expectations I have embraced demi-vegetarianism, and the financial, health, and environmental benefits have been remarkable

Insulating a roof

Cameron can't insulate himself from blame over green job losses

The insulation industry, the fuel poor, and the planet all deserve better than this energy efficiency policy fiasco

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