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Oil and gas industry 'complacent' on carbon bubble threat

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Oil rig

Oil and gas industry 'complacent' on carbon bubble threat

Latest Carbon Tracker Initiative study dismisses sector reports playing down risk to current business models

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Richard Black

Bitter pill for the UK’s energy sweetheart

Solar power is the UK's favourite source of energy - so why is the government raining on its parade, asks ECIU director Richard Black


How to cut business costs in the cold snap

Eight tips to keep your business warm without breaking the bank

A businessman sat at a desk in a green pasture

Why Microsoft and others are bringing the outdoors into office design

Biophilic design features such as “skylights” from Iowa company Sky Factory bring glimpses of nature deep into office interiors

landfill site photo courtesy of Veolia

Unilever saves €200m by eliminating waste to landfill

Company says it has achieved a global first as its 240 factories in 67 countries send no non-hazardous waste to landfill

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Prime Minister David Cameron visits an iGas shale gas site in Gainsborough photo by Number 10

Arrogance, incompetence, and wishful thinking - why the UK's fracking narrative is falling apart

Climate change and carbon budgets mean UK fracking was always likely to be a temporary phenomenon, Ministers need to reflect on where their surrender to unjustified hype is leading them


Climate change comedy - a laughing matter?

The RSA's excellent comedy night on the seven dimensions of climate change contains lessons for communicators everywhere


Three reasons the oil price slump presents a daunting challenge for the green economy

The collapse in the price of oil leaves green business advocates with little choice: we need to find a better way to talk about climate change

Petite Mort Fur

Turning roadkill into fashion - an industry fur-st?

Petite Mort Fur is using "accidental fur" to create custom couture

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