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Government dishes out £1bn to existing power plants to 'keep the lights on'

A coal power plant with a cooling tower

Government dishes out £1bn to existing power plants to 'keep the lights on'

Demand Side Response loses out, as first capacity market auction pays £900m to old gas and coal plants to stay online


Need to talk to a climate denier? Here’s how

Discussing climate change is a challenge. Columbia University and ecoAmerica offer 10 tips for effectively getting your point across


German energy use sinks to lowest level since reunification

New analysis by AG Energiebilanzen suggests energy demand fell by nearly five per cent in 2014

Banks seek to harvest opportunities after long drought

Study: Climate change could cut global food production 18 per cent by 2050

Scientists warn that major investments will be needed in irrigation and infrastructure to cope with changing rainfall patterns

A recycling area sign

Why W Hotels, GM and a craft brewer are swapping trash in Austin

Texan city reveals how cross-industry co-operation can help slash waste levels and save money

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Smoking chimney emitting pollution

Cameron's CCS cheerleading only highlights how he has failed the sector

In declaring CCS is likely to play a major role in UK's decarbonisation efforts the Prime Minister draws attention to his failure to deliver progress on carbon capture technology

Paris at night

Lima deal paves path to pragmatic and imperfect Paris Treaty

The denouement to the Lima Summit may have been wearingly familiar, but it raises hopes for a 'we'll do what we can' climate treaty that would deliver a major boost to the global green economy


Temperature controlled urban distribution in a sustainable way

Industry leaders are applying current and emerging technologies to help customers achieve sustainable and quiet transport refrigeration

Chancellor George Osborne presenting the 2013 Budget in the traditional red box

The Treasury data doesn't lie: The UK's green infrastructure strategy is under threat

The government's knee jerk support for high carbon infrastructure risks derailing long term plans to build a genuinely green economy - business groups must lead a fight back

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