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Storm clouds loom for Pelamis, as pioneering wave energy firm enters administration

Pelamis wave generator

Storm clouds loom for Pelamis, as pioneering wave energy firm enters administration

Edinburgh-based wave power company enters administration, citing lack of financial support

Formula E Venturi team

How DHL is delivering a low carbon Formula E championship

Logistics giant partners F1 but faces a new challenge in lowering emissions of the all-electric motorsport series

Cooperative compostable carrier bag

EU votes to end scourge of plastic bags

Scottish supermarkets report fall of up to 90 per cent in bag use, as EU votes through landmark legislation to tackle plastic waste

Ed Miliband

Miliband: EU Brexit would torch UK's climate change credibility

Ed Miliband urges green businesses and campaigners to push politicians for bolder climate action


Green energy from farms could power 1.3 million homes

Industry coalition says 10GW of potential could be tapped to help UK meet its renewable energy targets without impacting agricultural production

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  • Ed Milliband photo by Paul West Photography Listen to Ed Miliband on climate change
  • amazon logo Amazon and 100 per cent renewable energy: Will it really happen?
  • Green Alliance logo Green Alliance reveals plan to give environmental power to the people
  • Neil Hughes of National Grid Why farms can help shape the energy system of the future

The pursuit of green freedom

The environmental movement needs a more effective means of communicating its goals and its transformative potential - could the language of freedom and justice hold the answer?

LUTZ Pathfinder pod blueprint

The future of self-driving cars

The driver-less pods arriving in Milton Keynes next year could be the start of the technology truly taking off

Cupcake with birthday candles

Happy Birthday BusinessGreen

As BusinessGreen celebrates its seventh year it is clear the green economy is continuing to go from strength to strength


If the UK has to have a shale gas sovereign wealth fund, it needs to do better than this

The government's plans for a shale gas sovereign wealth fund lack the firm commitment to decarbonisation that is required

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